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I have no idea where you are so I decided to transform into the magical bunny girl ( do you remember her? Haha) and cross the clouds…then open the door to your dreams! It was very hard to open… Are you snug in your dragon bed? Cuddled up with a cutie? Ahh..could she be your destined Empress? A concubine? Or is my handsome brave zhen on a mission? You sleep very soundly did you drink alot on your happy day with your royal bros?

Oh! someone is coming…I should go..

Well, may all your dreams come true…❤ your faithful bunny wishes you happiness always…❤

I2/30/2018 If  a certain zhen stops by the hotspring …your birthday card is on last page…a certain bunny has been waiting with a bottle of peach blossom wine… I saved you a bit…

12/30/2019 🎉🎁🎊this birthday bunny had a little Patrón then decided to sneak into the base in the middle of the night for old times sake (nice disguise huh!) and left you several ❤s scattered about and a bottle of champagne…knocked on your door but you didn’t answer😞…I was hurrying out (I didn’t want get caught impersonating an officer)…tripped over the guy from the closet as I left..ouch…haha..


Happiness always zhenny may all your dreams come true in 2020! Bonne chance empress hunting…she will be a very lucky girl! ❤ bunny


I am slightly drunk and feeling nostalgic tonight..if you ever look at this will you come and say hi to your bunny? Just a hi..a simple I’m doing good…bunny still worries sometimes about her zhen ❤

3/15/20 🍺clink 🍺 ❤ 3…across the clouds to my fav zhen ..come drink with your faithful bunny spy…just once..

🍺 clink🍺 “drinks bring back all the memories..all the memories bring back you…”❤


I am going absolutely insane…now that I’m trapped I have been thinking how you made me laugh so hard…I am wrapping you in invisible yellow mise en garde tape and handing you a mask. Looks crazy there…❤ bunny

6/10/20 Midnight drinking wine..no more tequila for now ( I was a bad..bad girl..) and I’m writing my little novel and thought of you ..I need a handsome strong French guy inspiration ..my MC is about to be kidnapped and taken to Paris..a character modeled after you will save her..when he does don’t worry she doesn’t fall in love with him and stand at the gate or will she… Haha ❤ bunny

Also when you pop into my mind I have a serious need to know…could you just say ..no need for more… just an ‘I’m doing ‘okay’ or ‘I’m super good’ or ‘I’m awesome!’ I married ‘Angel’ and we are expecting a little zhen..(did you spit out your beer haha)… Maybe if you get drunk and I cross your mind…thx bunny ❤

6/27/2020 So excited and it is because of you  with your stories I loved so much… If I didn’t meet you I never would have begun writing. Now I am going to put my webnovels on WordPress with ads and Patreon! Yeah! It’s been a journey for sure but I am very happy when I sit at my laptop creating scenarios for my MCs.

Life can be so complicated…escaping sometimes feels sooo good! Haha..and you mon ami inspired me!

I’m still terrible with computer stuff so a guy is making the site for me kira-kat-writes.com  I did the homepage but he might change it if you ever want to see  bunny’s site it is:


Thank you for being you…& for being in my life even though it was for a brief time..happiness always mon ami ❤ bunny

8/16/20 Pandemic boredom level 9.5 I miss my carefree summer days of fun! Thinking of you tonight wish I could get your input on my stories, I’m pretty excited I am getting quite a few readers. All my characters are still in Milan so the Paris kidnapping will be awhile.  Wear your mask and stay cool! Your American bunnyfangirl.. me ❤

9/5 I am really laughing right now…I commissioned an awesome artist for cover of my new little CEO novel.. She just sent me final pic and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry… Oh my God! I never told her MLs name..So you get a shoutout on my new story now my CEO is named Zhen I don’t have the heart to make her redo..we already had a few revisions. Too hilarious for this bunny to handle! CEO Zhen hahaha..


Sigh..Realaay Big Sigh.. I feel so vulnerable today…trying to occupy myself with writing nonsense..but today I feel very …can’t even describe the way I feel.. America is crazy..please wear you mask and be safe mon ami..crazzzzzy world..


I was thinking about you. My characters are in Paris finally haha..Zhenny I hope you are very happy and your royal bros are too. ❤ 🐇 I really miss hearing about your adventures!


12/30/20.. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! ❤Well mon ami… I really went all out cosplaying to get into the base for your b’day this year your security is very tight haha..it’s been a long time since I ran across the clouds to visit you..I forgot how much fun sneaking into the base is..this bunnygirl made you and your royal bros festive cupcakes and didn’t forget to bring some of our delicious local beer.I left them by the window I came in. I hope you don’t mind I sprinkled some glitter and hearts around but they will disappear at midnight so it won’t be messy..I hope all your dreams come true in 2021!  ❤

05/29/21 I’m laying on my bed watching ‘Vincenzo’…don’t know why but you suddenly popped into my head a moment ago… I felt a little nostalgic..I wish I could run across the clouds and my zhenny say, “Bunny..long time no see.. and tell me a story… haha.. ❤


How is my zhen zhen zhenny ?  Did you find your Empress ? ❤  Did she find you ?  Haha..are you sitting on a roof drinking a bottle of Skye  with your Royal Bros ? Well with the time difference maybe not..it is one minute to midnight here and I am nostalgique. I hope you are very happy mon ami…blissfully wonderfully completely happy! Sometimes when  I go to the mountain I think of our crazy toast across the ocean haha..sychronized clinking 🍺🍺

my latest story is The CEO and His Little Bunny.. XD



The Immortal and His Little Sorceress




You will always have a place in my ❤ mon ami.. you made me laugh..you made me cry..you made me see a different world..you inspired me..happiness always when you find your Empress ❤ bunny

I was in Paris drinking at a little bar  thinking of you ❤ on the hottest day ever you had I guess..haha I must have brought the heat w/ me..😉